What do I need to be happy? I am and I need to be in search of a tree drifted ashore, to be able to sit down for of a cup of coffee in the morning without hurry. I need of romance, idealism, freedom of speech, love and acceptance. Beauty is a necessity and the wonderment of what is beautiful and why. How do we state ugliness? I need people to be as beautiful and horrible as they are. I wish to see and look at human beings who are needed and in need.

Constant puzzlement of how much does one need to live a good life and how our needs rule us. My interest lies within problematics of the human mind, teenage and childhood as defining periods in people’s lives. Getting old and how we notice the changes in us or do not, noise we make, shame, fear, the environment that we live in and how we build it. Erotics and human sexuality stay forever acute as they are the most difficult and hidden.

Asking questions and having doubt is my ground. How have I become me, what is equality, what is considered as work, why do we like to use power over each other, why people like to judge each other so eagerly, why we want fame, is there destiny, how is cost of work measured, where have details, the decorations in the buildings disappeared, why is there so much ugliness in the world and could it be defined as style?

Constantly I question why be an artist, why do art and why is art important. Is it just a necessity? What do I have to do to be me. I think one of artist’s tasks is to put oneself in the position of the other. Settling down is not an option, I stay puzzled by “what if” and like to turn things upside down to see the other side. To make art is to organise the chaos in my head, clean up a mess and make it, the mess to rearrange. I’m attracted to oddness which is somehow always present, loneliness, mistakes there inevitably are, imperfections and cracks. I have the need to stay at the grass root level, on the floor level in my work. It feels comfortable, surprising and equal. Art is playing with ideas and materials and I am interested in the contrast between seriousness, heavy issues and light, small materials as well as the light itself and lack of light. I’m trying to put together an old woman and a musical instrument, but I have neither, so I have to improvise.

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